Pauline Fabry

Dipl. Media Artist

Dipl. Hypnosis coach


Studio Berlin und Karlsruhe

+ 49 176 239 793 25


1986* Berlin


2021   Foundation of Studio Pauline Fabry in Berlin, platform for research, HypnoLabs, individual sessions and transcending strategies 

2018   Foundation of Studio Pauline Fabry in Karlsruhe

10/2018 Diploma at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne,

graduated with 1 and distinction. 

Prof. Mischa Kuball, Prof. Hans Bernhard von Ubermorgen and Mi You

2016    Teaching at the Karlsruhe University of Design,

HypnoLab and individual sessions with students 


2014    Diplom "Spiritual Hypnosis Coach" with Markus Lehnert

2012    Media Art studies at the KHM, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

2011    Assistant to Spencer Tunick

                Assistant to Wang Qingsong in China

2010-12 Media Art studies at the University of Design in Karlsruhe,

Prof. Michael Clegg, Prof. Armin Linke and Prof. Ludger Pfanz


2008 Founded Pauline Fabry Photography

2005-2008 Study photography at Foto Fabry