"before the origin"

HypnoLab & Sphere

„before the origin“ is the symbiosis of HypnoLabs, SpaceBars, individual hypnosis sessions and the sphere in the observatory.


In cooperation with Prof. Brent Tully, astronomer & cartographer of the universe, Hawaii, discoverer of the super cluster galaxy, „Laniakea“, physicists, artists and philosophers, we transcended through transcendental hypnosis. A wide range of topics were researched in altered states.


The sphere in the observatory is fed by a 45-minute sound composition based on quotations from the labs and sessions. Subsequent a live transcendental hypnosis session took place in the sphere in symbiosis with gong frequencies. Each guest had a microphone placed over his head - and they explored and communicated together in the trance state. From the womb, to multi-dimensionallifes, transcending through death into the essence.


Up to 12 guests were invited to take part in the 2-3 hour process.

A total of 3 slots took place in the observatory.

The SoulAtlas is a collection of transcripted sessions of the HypnoLabs. (148 p)


“This energy, there is so much of it, there is so much of this energy that it causes space to expand, and it’s so fast, much faster than the speed of light.”


“The dark energy makes particles. And we are made up of particles.”

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