pure GONG

Transcend with the universal sound of the gongs.

In gong-meditations/baths/journeys, special ceremonies, openings, as chill-out & energizing element, as a whole night experience or in combination with other transcendental arts.

The sounds of the gongs have harmonizing and energizing properties.

This meditation can facilitate a deep state of relaxation, contribute to the balance of the glandular and nervous systems, improve quality of sleep, circulation and the ability to cope with stress. It´s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind, an opportunity to immerse in the rich overtones of this ancient instrument, which work on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.



Transcendental Hypnosis

combining transcendental hypnosis to a various of focuses and topics with the ancient sound

of the gongs. It`s a path into the subconscious and universal field. We can get insights and answers to each and every impulse and question we are setting into this state.

Whatever you are ready for to receive, will unfold. Your highest wisdom is guiding you.

Regressions. Progression. crystallization of Visions and potential. Past-life experiences.

Death-experience. Womb. Research. Philosophy, soulconnection & essence. Universal floating.

HypnoLabs to resonating fields.

at special happenings. festivals. privat circles. museums. galleries. 


Pauline Fabry 

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Hardtstrasse 37 a, Karlsruhe

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