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As a trained hypnotist, I pursue a drive that generates knowledge and expands consciousness, which enables us to conduct creative research, to experience the vivid knowledge, to make the hidden visible and to act with self-responsibility. To think the unthought, to experience the potential and then to truly bring one's energy into the world.

"Everything is possible, what we are ready for."





Gong & Hypnosis

Individual Sessions

Transforming experiences.

• transpersonal awareness, expansion beyond the usual boundaries of identity and beyond the boundaries of time and space.

• Vision - & project development. 

• Regression

• Progression

• Self-awareness and meaning in life 

• potential development

• Knowledge and insight generation to all areas of life and connections that are of resonance and intention

• Research in expanded state of consciousness

• Accompanying the transition, end-of-life care

• Prenatal harmonization and regression in the womb

• Findings about diseases and blockages

• Experiences of death / transformation

• Other liveforms, incarnation trips, regression,


• Sustainable consciousness expansion

The symbiosis of the transcendent hypnosis technique and the deeply effective gongs is unique.

The universal sound fields can be felt in the entire organism. They set every cell, every space in between in vibration, people experience a universal floating state. You feel in the vastness of the universe, your body safe on the hypnosis couch, the gate into the depths of the unconscious wide open.


The beats of the sounds also influence the brain waves in the area of deep trance.

Each gong is handcrafted and unique with it´s own frequency and sound spectrum.

The symbiosis of hypnosis and gong are made for each other.

Reinforcing synergies.

HypnoHenKaiPan_Pauline Fabry-3.jpg

Transcend on powerful places

vulcanos & earths

The continuously breathing Sinabung on Sumatra, Indonesia,

lies on the edge of the largest crater lake in the world, Lake Toba.

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