transcend to your essence.

individual sessions & HypnoRituals

Transcendental Hypnosis

Transcendental hypnosis is a powerful path into the subconscious up to the essence. We extend the expanded state of perception for several hours and use it effectively to obtain new insights and perspectives on important questions and topics. 


The methodology can be used in many different ways. For personal transformation processes, knowledge generation, project and vision development, research, expansion of consciousness, essence and self-knowledge. We can access everything in this state. Everything is here.

We travel from early childhood memories to the womb and from there to the pre-embryonic state. In multi-dimensional lives (past lives) you will get to know a lot about your being. At the end of that life we ​​will head for the moment of death. The memory of the process of transformation is very powerful as we experience our pure universal nature. Our essence.


The sessions are accompanied by the sound fields of the gongs. They lead directly to a universal floating state, energize and have a deeply supportive effect at the cellular and energetic level.


TH is also used for research and project development in extended perceptual states.

Transforming experiences.

Individual Sessions

Individual Hypnosis sessions go very deep and are led individually.

A session lasts between 2–5 hours, depending on the topic and intention.








Sustainable expansion of consciousness

Knowledge generation to all areas of life and connections that are of resonance, drive and focus

Vision & project development




Self-awareness and meaning in life

Personal transformation processes

Self-awareness & self-knowledge about yourself,

life and connections

Research in expanded state of consciousness

Regression to key moments

Self hypnosis

Accompanying the transition, end-of-life care

Prenatal harmonization and regression in the womb

Findings about diseases and blockages

Experiences of death

Connection to the consciousness of deceased persons

Other lives, incarnation trips, regression

Connection and balance of body and consciousness

and its potential






transcend on powerful places and sites on our planet

vulcanos & earths

The continuously breathing Sinabung on Sumatra, Indonesia,

lies on the edge of the largest crater lake in the world, Lake Toba.

HypnoRituals and Happenings

Transcend together.

HypnoRituals and Happenings are a unique possibility to transcend together in an oscillating field.

Experience the subconscious wisdom in a collective synergy. A transforming experience. 

Hypnosis, Gong and cacao.











Privat circles



Women Circle

Special Happenings on fullmoon, new moon and eclipses

Collaboration with other transcendental artists, 

like breath work, meditation, Yoga, readings, Qi-Gong, Massage






Conscious Business. Develop your ideas on a universal frequency,

together with your Team and partners. A special happening for project-development and coherence.

pure GONG Transcend with the universal sound of the gongs. In Gong sessions and special ceremonies, openings, as chill-out & energizing element, as a whole night experience or in combination with other transcendental arts.

The sounds of the gongs have harmonizing and energizing properties. This meditation can facilitate a deep state of relaxation, contribute to the balance of the glandular and nervous systems, improve quality of sleep, circulation and the ability to cope with stress. It´s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind. The sound works on the mental, emotional and spiritual layers.

HypnoRituals &


The initiation.

The work with expanded states.

"When I accompanied my beloved father to the other side, he let me feel his pure essence. After he passed away, his soul entered my heart - pure love - pure presence. I was enlighted by the essence that we all are.

And there was just one strong force and wish arising in me: to share this experience. To work with a method, where we can experience our pure essence, where we reconnect to our power and life-force, our true soul flow.

The first night my father came back and guided me in a meditation of gratitude into this essence.

And one day later a deep magnetism from the heart, an inner voice guided me to a specific

method of hypnosis. After my training, research and further development, transcendental hypnosis was born. On this path a whole new field of transcendence, art, creativity, co-creation, research and unfolding emerged."


The path of the essence. Pauline Fabry