a new universal travel dimension
of cosmic origin



by Pauline Fabry

A new generation of gongs

The powerful synergy of the sound of the gong and the cosmic medicine of meteorites allow us to transcend into the deep expanses of the universal essence. Through this unity a universal dimension unfolds, which oscillates the resonance of intuition and inner wisdom and reactivates very special informations in us.

sound is consciousness

A personal fire-ritual gives your gong a soul.
The MeteoriteGong is birthed from a fire ceremony 
where you can 
personally take part at your power place.


universal power

Experience your essence.

Expand your consciousness and generate new insights.

Connect to your embodied vision, in this life and beyond.

Receive and send information and energies.

Be carried by the cosmic cycles.

Multidimensional travel portal.

Cosmic Medicine.

Meteorite Gong


60 cm/24``

86 cm/32``

110 cm/40``

In Tibetan shamanism the gong opens portals to dimensions

The sound vibrations of the gong penetrate every cell of your being and lead into a transpersonal state of consciousness. The binaural beats trigger a state of the extended now in the brain, this immensely facilitates access to intuition and inner wisdom. Insights that are important now can be experienced intuitively.


The healing and transcendent properties of the gongs have been used in rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years. The Tibetan shamans use the sound to open portals to other dimensions, to let information flow and to create cosmically harmonious spheres.


Knowledge generation. Expansion of consciousness. Energizing. Deep relaxation. Alignment and centering. Contact to the inner essence, energy and core. Strengthening of intuition and inner wisdom. Connection in itself and everything that is. Dream quality improves, as does creativity, empathy, and sensitivity. Confidence, self-awareness. Clarity. Sincerity and truthfulness. The sound fields work on an energetic, physical and psychological level. stress reducing. Health-promoting. Tinnitus treatment. Enhances concentration. Can release emotional blockages and activate self-healing powers.


Externsteine Meteorite Gongs

The alchemical combination of cosmic meteorite particles and the energetic signature of the global leyline grid become one in the sound of the meteorite gongs. A new universal sound technology. 9 meteorite gongs were born at this place of power in the fire ritual.

Like a baby is embedded in the astronomical constellations, like fresh lava melting and structuring to the earth magnetic field. The gongs store the energetic structure of the power place in itself.

The Externsteine are one of the most important portals in Germany, integrated into the global Leylinegrid, this place is a portal of oscillating energy. Every Meteorite Gong carries this unique energy signature of the place and becomes a portal itself through the activation in its vibration.