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Transcend in the energy of volcano Etna into your essence. Activate and travel to inner horizons with the power of the MeteoriteGongs and the medicine of hypnosis.

Individual Sessions HypnosisGong Sessions on volcano Etna

A travel dimension of planetary and universal energy.
In this individual creation workshop we will experience 3-4 unique days together.


Water ceremony

part 2

Water Ceremony in the Alcantara River.

Cleaning. Energizing. Intention. Connection.


Fire ceremony

the energetic key

Fire ceremony in the selected energy field. The birth. Planetary energy and cosmic meteorites crystalize the energetic and molecular structure of the MeteoriteGong.

In cocreation, we will develop your MeteoriteGong in size, material, design and additional elixirs. You can choose between the 66 cm up to a large, voluminous 1 m MeteoriteGong, in nickel silver or bronze. 

GongBau Etna

Ritual of building

part 3 

Your energy shapes the sound of your MeteoriteGong. Built with the elemental power of the volcano flowing through you.

The power of the volcano is crystallized in the meteorite gong. Pure potential. primal force. Truthfulness. A compass of the primal frequency. A portal into the essence.



part 4

Learn the art of gong transcendence.

The workshop is individually tailored to personal applications.

Different levels of depth can be experienced. There is also the possibility to accompany me selectively at ceremonies and rituals over the period of a year and thus experience deeper insight.

The first creation phase for 2023 will take place in March and April 2023.

Periods are coordinated individually. Budgeting is calculated based on personal ideas.

In personal exchange, a clear picture of the process is formed

and we have the opportunity to get to know each other.

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