transcend to the essence

Individuelle HypnoHenKaiPan Sessions 



Dezember 2019

Kosten 500 € / Session

Karlsruhe, Tempelstudio


Transcend to your essence.

Sa, 14-15.12.2019

18.00 - 23.00 Uhr

Kosten 80 € / Person

Karlsruhe, Bogenraum

Vollmond-Gongbath mit zeremoniellen Kakao 

Enjoy your

cosmic roots.


Do, 12.12.2019

20.00 - 23.00 Uhr

Kosten 35 € / Person

Karlsruhe, Tempelstudio


Is a transcending journey into your subconsciousness. From your early childhood into the womb of your mother. Experience past-lives and through the momentum  of death into your pure essence.

Research in altered states to your

personal resonating fields.

 “Alles ist möglich,

    wozu wir bereit sind.“

Pauline Fabry

Pauline Fabry is the founder of Templesleep and HypnoHenKaiPan. "The transcending experience of the death of my father brought me to the source. The moment after he passed away, his pure essence entered my breast - pure love - pure presence and infinity. I realized that we are this essence. And that there is a constant change of forms - but consciousness flows and we are here for experiences and creation.

From this moment it was a magnetic clarity guiding me, to work and create spheres and rituals where we reconnect to the essence and cultivate that deep bound. 

After my study in hypnosis I founded HypnoHenKaiPn and the Tempelschlaf."


my vision is that we reconnect with our essence.

Remember. Transcend. Alter the consciousness on the planet and humanity.

Create life with consciousness.


Research in altered states of mind.

The Path

Ancient Roots

Templesleep has it´ s origin in ancient high cultivated cultures. It´s the origin of hypnosis. Its a transcending ritual to experience and reach an insight generating conscious state. Here you get insights, answers to your questions and to whatever is important for your life right now. It means transformation and self-responsabilty. Its a path of the essence. Where you reconnect and cultivate your truth and wisdom and deep sense in life. 

In ancient cultures temples were build, like in eqypt and greek. And people prepared themselves in a very pure way, like they pilgrimed to the temple, prepared through dieatas and brought offerings.


Hypnosis, HypnoHenKaiPan sync Gong

The Templesleep is a deep ritual, where you prepare yourself and make clear what is important in your life. Transformation and change comes with the insights you gain in the ritual. We enter your highly conscious and universal state of mind through HypnoHenKaiPan/Hypnosis and the sound of the Gongs. All your inner senses are activated and you are guided by your highest wisdom and intuition.


Womb • Past Life • Death Experience • Essence

Our journey starts with very early childhood-experiences of the first days, first month or years. Everything is stored and accessible in the subconscious mind. From here we go to the womb of your mother. In this special period you will find out a lot about yourself, the family-constellations, your purpose in life, your body and your essence. 

Back there we go either directly into the pre-embryonal state - the state before you were embodied or we enter a past-life, that wants to been shown to you. On this path you get deep insights and understanding about who you are. It will show you your truth and struggles and growing potential. It will unfold your purpose in life - if you are ready for. We will experience 3-4 keymoments in that life. Than we go to the moment of the last breaths in that life - you will experience and remember the phase of death. Experiencing death is very liberating. As it is showing us the rebirth of elements. 

Pure essence. Its the highest and purest and most crystalline state where you can place any question of importance and resonance and let your essence and the universe talk through you.


with your tribe.

in community.

to travel and transcend in a group is very powerful. In your tribe or in a community with like-minded people. As we share the journeys in circles, a lot of insights are coming to the surface and its wonderful how we share, carry and learn from each other.

Festivals. Retreats. Circles. Privat Happenings. Art. Nature.

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions are a deep experience. During the session we are intuitive inter-connected and you will be guided through your subconscious and universal state. a deeply transforming session.

An individual Session takes 3-4 hours

+ pre-& after sharing.


Budget 500 € + tax  

transcend on powerful places

on our earth. 

Vulcanos. Ancient Caves. Forrest. Mountains. Waterwells. Glaciers. Lakes. Waterfalls.

Life your essence.

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