tune into frequency • Darryl Anka | Bashar

thought-symbiosis with Darryl Anka / Bashar in Europe

• Everyone is a medium - tune into frequency •


Pauline: "You´re talking about frequency, there is something I´m discovering by working with hypnosis and guided mediation. I see, that everyone is a medium."


Darryl: "Oh, yeah. Everyone is a medium. Everyone has all these abilities."


Pauline: "Oh, yeah and that is so beautiful - like we are doing Sessions all over the planet, and there are beings, there are entities, and people can connect to these entities, when they are on a specific frequency."


Darryl: "Exactly, you have to be on a certain frequency to be able to perceive certain things, that are invisible to you otherwise. But when you get on that frequency you start seeing there is beings different types all around all over the place. And we are not seeing them. 
When you start to change your frequency, you start to see things like that. And that is part of the symptoms of the transformation, is we expand our senses and we start seeing things that were previous invisible to us."

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