individual sessions

on powerful places and sites on our planet

vulcanos & earths

The continuously breathing Sinabung on Sumatra, Indonesia,

lies on the edge of the largest crater lake in the world, Lake Toba.

Individual Sessions

Essence  & pure soul flow.

Sound of the Gongs.

Multi-dimensional life regression ("Past-Life").

Research in altered states. 

Embryonal &

pre-embryonal state.

remembering the

experience of dying.

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120 €/h

+ 19%MwST


Combining wonderful

trails in nature with individual sessions.

book your experience

120 €/h

+ 19%MwST

Co creation

with festivals, retreats and gatherings.


Let´s curate a special flow of experiences together.

Happenings and ceremonies. Individual sessions for your retreat.

With the sound of the gongs and transcending hypnosis. Also in sync with immersive art experiences.

pure GONG

Transcend with the universal sound of the gongs.

In gong-meditations/baths/journeys, special ceremonies, openings, as chill-out & energizing element, as a whole night experience or in combination with other transcendental arts.

The sounds of the gongs have harmonizing and energizing properties.

This meditation can facilitate a deep state of relaxation, contribute to the balance of the glandular and nervous systems, improve quality of sleep, circulation and the ability to cope with stress. It´s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind, an opportunity to immerse in the rich overtones of this ancient instrument, which work on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


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