origin of the universe,

Vakuum-energy, Dark Matter

HypnoLab with Prof. Brent Tully, Astronomer, University Hawaii,

Discoverer of the Super-Cluster-Galaxy Laniakea


HypnoLab at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore 

Epigenetic, Collektive memory, Postmemory 

HypnoLab with Jule Lippold

Fiction, Reality and Identity

HypnoLab with UTZ, Theaterkollektiv​

LomiLomi Massage

HypnoLab, Development of the method.

Magnetits in the brain, Telepathy, Magnetism

HypnoLab with H. Graenzer, Dipl. Physicist

HFG, Karlsruhe

HypnoLab & Seminar at University of Design, Karlsruhe

Transcendental Hypnosis sync Science, philosophy and art


In cooperation with universities, museums and institutes, researchers and people who work in an

exploratory way, we use the expanded state of perception to bring the invisible to the surface and

generate new insights.

It is a new and at the same time very old form of awareness, development of potential, development of ideas and generation of knowledge. By expanding the transcendent state for up to 3 hours and asking questions

and placing resonance fields in it, you become a traveler of your subconscious and universal knowledge.

In the form of HypnoLabs, spheres, SpaceBars, seminars and individual sessions.

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