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Research in the expanded state of consciousness.

Hypnosis sync Science, philosophy and art

In cooperation with universities, museums and institutes, researchers and people who work in an

exploratory way, we use the expanded state of perception to bring the invisible to the surface and

generate new insights.

• HypnoLabs on selected topics

• Universal state of consciousness

• Research

• Vision- & project development

• New perspectives and insights

• Research and development of methods

   creative processes

• Transpersonal awareness

origin of the universe,

Vakuum-energy, Dark Matter

HypnoLab with Prof. Brent Tully, Astronomer, University Hawaii,

Discoverer of the Super-Cluster-Galaxy Laniakea

HFG, Karlsruhe

HypnoLab & Seminar at University of Design, Karlsruhe


HypnoLab at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore 

Fiction, Reality and Identity

HypnoLab with UTZ, Theaterkollektiv​

Magnetits in the brain, Telepathy, Magnetism

HypnoLab with H. Graenzer, Dipl. Physicist

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