by Pauline Fabry

The powerful synergy of the sound of the gong and the cosmic medicine of meteorites allow us to transcend into the deep expanses of the universal essence. Through this unity a universal dimension unfolds, which oscillates the resonance of intuition and inner wisdom and reactivates very special informations in us.

A new universal travel dimension of cosmic origin and planetary wisdom.

sound is consciousness




With the planetary power of the elements and the cosmic elixir of the meteorites, a powerful, universal travel dimension is created.

Born with intention and alignment in the personal energy field.


Cleaning. Energizing. Intention setting.

Deep connection. Life stream. Activation.


Born in the breath of fire.

Becoming one with the cosmic elixir of the meteorites.



Aligned and magnetized

in the energy signature of the power place.

Forged in connection, intention and essence.


A new generation of Gongs

Brought to life on power places, magnetized in the astronomical grid and energetic signature of intention, essence and energy.

65 cm
86 cm
100 cm
110 cm
130 cm


Bronze and Nickel Silver

Special MeteoriteGongEditions are planed

Activate your MeteoriteGong in a personal ritual.


With the power of the elements, at your place of power and your personal intention and energy,

you can bring the cosmic sound of your meteorite gong to life yourself.

For special temporalities, energetic signatures in the astronomical structures, planetary grids and portals, events and ceremonies. In group energy or in individual ceremonies.


connect for a personal exchange on ideas.

prices & budget on individual request





The alchemical combination of cosmic meteorite particles and the energetic signature of the global leyline grid become one in the sound of the meteorite gongs. 9 meteorite gongs were born at the Externsteine in the fire ritual.

The Externsteine are one of the most important portals in Germany, integrated into the global Leylinegrid, a portal of oscillating energy. Every Meteorite Gong carries this unique energy signature of the place and becomes a portal itself through the activation in its vibration.

Like a baby is embedded in the astronomical constellations, like fresh lava melting and structuring to the earth magnetic field. The gongs store the energetic structure of the power place in itself.



Universal Power

Experience your essence.

Expand your consciousness and generate new insights.

Connect to your embodied vision, in this life and beyond.

Receive and send information and energies.

Be carried by the cosmic cycles and planetary wisdom

Multidimensional travel portal.

Cosmic Medicine.