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Pauline Fabry works in transcending ways. The gate to the unconscious and universal

open through immersive installations, sound spheres, happenings, video and photography.

expanding sound-& filmcompositions from HypnoLabs, individual sessions and videography.

expanding sphere

HypnoLab & sphere

expanding sphere

"Birth carries a magnetic moment in itself."

before the origin

HypnoLab & Sphere

„before the origin“ is the symbiosis of HypnoLabs, SpaceBars, individual hypnosis sessions and the sphere in the observatory.

In cooperation with Prof. Brent Tully, astronomer & cartographer of the universe, Hawaii, discoverer of the super cluster galaxy, „Laniakea“, physicists, artists and philosophers, we transcended through transcendental hypnosis. A wide range of topics were researched in altered states.


The sphere in the observatory is fed by a 45-minute sound composition based on quotations from the labs and sessions. Subsequent a live transcendental hypnosis session took place in the sphere in symbiosis with gong frequencies. Each guest had a microphone placed over his head - and they explored and communicated together in the trance state. From the womb, to multi-dimensionallifes, transcending through death into the essence.


Up to 12 guests were invited to take part in the 2-3 hour process. A total of 3 slots took place in the observatory. The SoulAtlas is a collection of transcripted sessions of the HypnoLabs. (148 p)